Monday, 3 October 2016

Melbourne General Cemetery

A few months ago now, yeesh time flies, I paid a quick visit to Melbourne. In true Alysha style, the second I had dropped my bags I headed straight for the closest cemetery. Melbourne has a beautiful little cemetery less than 20 minutes on the tram from the city centre which is awesome. If you'd like to discover Melbourne General Cemetery for yourself, you can visit their website here.

Walking around the cemetery was exquisite and while I didn't have a lot of time to explore every inch of it, I did have the chance to meet some wonderful people. Those of note were three Italian brothers who had stopped by the cemetery to do some maintenance on their mother's grave. She had a beautiful marble headstone and many items that, despite having lost her some thirty years earlier, showed that she was still very much loved. The brothers were kind enough to share the story of their mother and their father, whom they'd lost only a couple of days prior. Their story was moving and beautiful. Despite these great losses in their life, the three men were jovial and full of positivity. They chose to focus on the positives of a life well lived.

Once I said farewell to the gentlemen to continue my journey through the graves, I couldn't help but smile the rest of the day. While they did give me permission to photograph their mother's grave I chose not to as it didn't feel right at the time. In hindsight, it would have been a wonderful moment to capture had I had the photography skills to do it justice. (Which I don't.)

Below are some of my favourite snaps captured in Melbourne General Cemetery. Enjoy.

I loved the little lights that shine for the occupied vaults

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