Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Visitor by Amanda Stevens

I stumbled across this series last year and was very happy that I did. I finally felt as though an author had captured a story that I wanted to read, that explored my interests in cemeteries, death and the occult. Amanda ties these themes together seamlessly in The Graveyard Queen series.

As a big fan of the series, I've been waiting with baited breath for Amanda to have this novel ready, eagerly absorbing the updates she'd send in her newsletters. The day I downloaded this book to my kindle account was indeed a very happy one.

Having found out about a rather large piece of the focus character's family tree (Amelia Gray) in book three of the series, The Prophet I was intrigued to see where Amanda would take the story next. Without spoiling it, Amanda didn't disappoint.

Amelia is drawn to Kroll Cemetery which is shroud in strange occurrences, rumour and dark history. All the things lovers of modern gothic novels yearn for. The detail and mystery the author put into this cemetery is very much on par with the rest of her series. You can't help but feel that you're there with Amelia, in awe of the beauty and detail that lay within the walls of the graveyard, eager to uncover it's secrets.

Amelia's relationship with the detective, John Devlin has never been simple and this book explores more of those bloodline complications that have been hinted at in the previous novels. And I feel the book to follow this one will allow even more insight into this area of the story.

Anyone who is a fan of the series will love this addition. Despite the gap in the publishing, Amanda has picked up the story as if she never left it. The story is vivid, intriguing and at times goose-bump raising (I may have jumped a little when my phone startled me while I read this book). I love the history she intertwines in her stories which make them more realistic than mere fiction.

If modern gothic fiction sounds up your alley, then I implore you to read Amanda Steven's Graveyard Queen series. You won't be disappointed. This book in particular is a shining example of just how talented Amanda is. It's well written and isn't the kind of book that you'll want to put down, and if you manage to, it'll linger in your mind. And linger this story shall, in my mind until the next instalment.

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