Monday, 18 January 2016

Forgotten Stories

To the writers reading this, have you ever forgotten a story you've written? Though really it's applicable to anyone, just replace story with chocolate bar, sex toy or shirt.

I ask this because I've done it a few times over now. I stumbled across one recently. Actually, I found mention of it in an old email thread to an author friend. When asked what I was working on I'd responded a little about a story, which in reading the email, I had no recollection of. Which was weird because I'd been pretty excited about it in the email.

So down into dark crypts of the cemetery that contains my work I plunged, shovel in hand ready to unearth some rotting chapter I'd abandoned during a midnight jaunt. Instead when I found the grave marker for this piece it all came flooding back, hanging corpses and all.

I enjoy rediscovering some of my work all over again. Sure, often I want to smack myself upside the head with the keyboard for the terrible story execution but just as frequently I find a little gem that gets me excited about the manuscript all over again. (or maybe it was finding those sex toys again?)

What have you unearthed that's got you excited?

Mad love


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